Modern methods of creating dedusting plants for blast-furnace production on the example of PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works Mariupol”.

In 2019 – 2021 our company has completed design works on the aspiration system of the blast-furnace shop of PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works Mariupol”. During such a short period of time, dedusting  plants of  BF No.3, BF No.5 cast houses, dedusting  plants of  BF No.3, BF No.5 stockhouses were designed, built and put […]

Modernization of blast-furnace air heaters.

At present time, many iron and steel plants use hot-blast stoves with an internal combustion chamber, the main feature of which is parallel placing of the checkerwork and combustion chamber in the same casing. Besides, these hot-blast stoves use a “pipe-in-pipe” burner type, into which BF gas (or  a BFG + NG/ COG mix) and […]

Modern cooling system philosophy, implemented by «M TECHNOLOGY» LLC at blast furnace No. 2 of PJSC «Zaporizhstal»

In 2013 a number of problems with the lining and furnace cooling system of blast furnace No. 2 at PJSC «ZAPORIZHSTAL» have occured as a result of intensive operation and pulverized coal injection: The bodies of cast-iron staves of the 4-th row of the evaporative cooling system were completely destroyed, in the 5-th row the […]

Thermotechnical calculation of the tuyere cooling system in the conditions of the pulverized coal injection.

Injection of pulverized coal (PC) into a blast furnace is the most popular way of lowering the coke rate and thus – of the most economical hot metal production.

Modern technologies of water treatment in power industry

Process systems make-up in power industry requires demineralized water which does not cause corrosion and formation of deposits during operation of power plants. Water quality to a great extent determines economic efficiency and technical lifetime of energy generating systems, therefore, industry-specific requirements for the content of dissolved solids in water are the most stringent among […]

Blast furnace repairs

Throughout the past 3 years «M Technology» has participated in over than 30 blast furnace reconstruction projects.

Development and implementation of technology for flue gas de-dusting by means of bag filters at rotary limestone burning kilns

Traditionally, the road map for the exhaust gas-air mixture (GAM) purification plant at a rotary lime kiln is as follows: GAM with a temperature of 1000 ÷ 1100ºС and dust content of up to 40 g / m3 comes from a rotary kiln into a large dust collector, then it is fed to a waste-heat […]

Design of Blast Furnace Process Facilities

Our company is able to perform integrated design of blast furnace production facilities. In our projects we propose solutions for improving process performance metrics, energy saving, increasing the duration of the furnace campaign and environmental protection.

Modernization of the BF gas cleaning systems

Existing blast furnace gas cleaning systems at Iron and Steel Works include several successive treatment stages: stage 1 – inertial dry-type  dust catcher; stage 2 – a scrubber with multi-tiered water spraying; stage 3 – a high-pressure venturi pipe; stage 4 – a throttle unit.

Battery cyclone

Cyclone-type dust catchers are the most widely used ones, of the entire array of gas cleaning equipment and are distinguished by their efficient performance, easy and reliable operation.