Dneprovsky Iron & Steel Works (DMK) plans to build an integrated pump station for servicing and cooling blast furnaces No. 9 and No. 1M under condition of pulverized coal injection (PCI).

This decision was caused by substitution of coke with pulverized coal in order to maximize protection against thermal effects during its combustion. Modernization of the cooling system will provide for a more stable operation of the  blast furnaces and, as a result, reduce time intervals for their repair.

Reconstruction will be performed in two stages with allocation of two start-up complexes.

A new integrated pump station will be built at the start-up complex No. 1, including installation of equipment and creation of a closed-loop cooling system for cooling BF No.9 staves of the bosh and stack rows 1-4 with cold chemically treated water.

Equipment and devices of the closed-loop cooling system for cooling BF No.1M bosh, stack rows 1-4 staves with cold chemically treated water will be installed at the start-up complex No. 2.

Pulverized coal injection technology leads to the concentration of high temperatures in the bosh and bottom part of the BF stack. This places higher demands on the cooling system efficiency in this area.