In 2013 a number of problems with the lining and furnace cooling system of blast furnace No. 2 at PJSC «ZAPORIZHSTAL» have occured as a result of intensive operation and pulverized coal injection:

The bodies of cast-iron staves of the 4-th row of the evaporative cooling system were completely destroyed, in the 5-th row the staves were partially destroyed and in the 6-th row the stave bodies had cracks. Thus, bare steel pipes without lining and cast-iron stave body remained in the cooling system of the 4-th and 5-th rows.


In places where the staves were destructed, the cooling system did not fulfill its function.Overheatings of the blast furnace shell took place. There were red stains on the armor and, as a result, a strong shell deplanation occured.

Together with «ZAPORIZHSTAL» experts, the following BF cooling system repair has been undertaken:
– installation of copper cooling staves in the most heat-loaded zones of the blast furnace in combination with a highly conductive lining;
– application of modern pumping equipment of our own production with frequency regulation;
– implementation of modern automation systems for cooling intensity control depending on the thermal loads in real time.