PJSC “NLMK” is one of the most modern steel-making  enterprises in Russia, the constantly growing production rate of which requires implementation of modern energy-efficient solutions to maintain a leading position on the metallurgical market of Russia.

JSC “NLMK-Engineering” is a permanent general designer on the Lipetsk site, and it means, the quality requirements to the project documentation performed must comply with high international standards. The use of the state-of-the-art methods of design  for “NLMK-Engineering” has long become mandatory in the course of reconstruction and technical re-equipment of facilities, similar to  BF№4.

“M TECHNOLOGY” LLC together with Gongyi Anzheng Refractories Ltd. acted as a designer of the cooling system, power complex, BF central unit and as a supplier of the main equipment of the cooling system of BF №4.

The most modern approach to designing is the use of BIM (Building Information Model) technology. The design process starts after a full 3D scanning of the entire reconstruction object, creating a 3D model of its existing position, followed by a virtual dismantling of the equipment, systems and other facilities of the complex. The next step is creation of a detailed 3D model of the designed objects and systems, combined into one big 3D model of the complex, which allows you to see the full picture of the upcoming large-scale repairs and to avoid possible inconsistencies during installation. The connection of the 3D model with the timeline enables you to virtually display the entire process of technical re-equipment, which will result in a 4D model with an optimized construction schedule, and it means, the blast furnace will be blown in on time!

The elements of the complex BIM model, developed by “M TECHNOLOGY” LLC, show high design detailing, which allows you to take into account the finest points for avoiding collisions and errors when ordering equipment and materials.

The self-cleaning strainers, supplied by us for the upcoming technical re-equipment, will cover the  clean process water demand of the entire BF complex, and it makes 6000 m3 / h of continuously supplied water flow.

The modern design of the self-cleaning strainer provides water filtration by minimal pressure losses. The brushless filter elements of the strainer, provided by the project, guarantee a high-quality water purification of the plant’s circulating system from mechanical impurities with its continuously feed for staves cooling  and to all consumers of the complex.

The cast-iron staves of our supply for BF№4 bosh and stack have a number of advantages if compared  with the analogues supplied by other companies. In addition to high-quality casting, which excludes blistering and is carried out in special burning molds, ensuring a high casting accuracy, the design of the staves includes an oval-shaped water-carrying tube, providing a more efficient stave cooling  due to its larger heat-absorbing surface. The oval cross-section of the tube makes it possible to reduce the stave thickness in comparison to the staves with the round tubes, which is especially important for the staves design with the two-plane tubes location. The smaller thickness of the staves allows you either to make a thicker lining layer or to increase the useful volume of the furnace without changing the shell.

Another feature of our staves is on-site

installation of the lining in the stave groove (the so-called dovetail groove), which protects the “fire” surface of the stave from abrasion and exposure to high levels of heat loads. Due to the pre-installed  stave lining the erection time is significantly reduced.

Due to high-quality stave cooling and high thermal conductivity of the silicon carbide lining, the protective skull is formed on the lining surface, extending its service life and reducing heat losses taken by the cooling system.