1.  “Dirty” recirculation systems:
• Design engineering of « dirty» recirculation systems of gas-cleaning plants, slurry dewatering;
• Design engineering of zero-discharge two-stage sewage water purification system of steel works and rolling-mill shops;
• Design engineering of low-discharge three-stage sewage water purification system of steel works  and rolling-mill shops;
• Implementation of chemical water treatment technology in «dirty» recirculation systems with the aim to reduce carbonate sediments;
• Operational enhancement of the existing «dirty» recirculation systems with the aim to reduce contaminated water discharge into natural water ponds  as well as operational enhancement of the main process equipment. Most suitable devices and technical solutions are used in any particular case to improve operation of the  «dirty» cycles.

2.  “Clean” water recirculation systems:
• Design engineering of recycling water systems with  contact and no-contact principle of operation;
• Implementation of chemical water treatment technology with the aim of avoiding carbonate sediments, biofouling and corrosion;
• Implementation of a benchmark assessment method of scaling inhibitors effectiveness. Effectiveness of the inhibitor should be assessed by the maximum value of the DFI index.
• Modernization of the «clean» recirculating system with the aim of increasing cooling efficiency of the main process equipment and smooth operation of the recirculating systems.
• Creation of specific scale formation/corrosion indicators (depending on the task) mounted directly on the pipes or process devices. Their design allows to carry out samples examination without the main process interruption.

3. Designing of low-discharge/no-discharge industrial water supply systems.

4. Designing of water treatment systems.
Our company obtains a unique technology of producing chemically treated water without saline waste water and with the quality fitting customer’s requirements. Application of water cleaning plants in any production process, for instance, water treatment for closed-loop cooling systems makeup for ССМ equipment, boiler corcuits, evaporative cooling circuits. Modernization of the existing water treatment systems.

5. Unique methods of oil skimming:
• Oil skimming from the treatment facilities’ surface (horizontal settling tanks, scale pits, radial clarifiers, flocculators, accumulation tanks etc.);
• Installation for oil extraction from oil-water mixtures after oil skimming from the treatment facilities surfaces.

Accumulated experience of  “M Technology” team allows us to design cooling systems and power complex objects of any complexity for new and modernized production facilities. We are always ready to use that experience  for designing facilities at your enterprises !!!