Dedusting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning

  1. Design of dedusting systems of:
  • casthouse and stockhouse of the blast furnace complex
  • flux handling system  in steelmaking and converter production
  • mixer department of the converter shop
  • process equipment for steelmaking and converter production
  • sinter production
  • auxiliary production facilities
  1. Design engineering  of under-roof hoods with maximum use of roof-truss space for containment of dust and gas emissions from process equipment.
  2. Designing ventilation and central air supply  systems by using efficient cleaning and fresh air preparation facilities.
  3. Design engineering of ventilation systems with partial recirculation for reducing operating expenditures for fresh air preparation.
  4. Design engineering of local supply air systems (spot cooling).
  5. Calculation and development of solutions for aeration of high-heat shops.
  6. Design of air and water heating systems for industrial and administrative facilities.
  7. Design of heating and ventilation systems using secondary energy resources and heat recovery systems.
  8. Design engineering of multi-zone air conditioning systems using high-efficiency equipment.