Design engineering of gas-cleaning facilities
1. Gas-cleaning plant for arc furnaces of different tonnage capacity, including:
Design engineering of the roof hood structure.
Development of process gas  take-off technology from the fourth opening in the  furnace roof arch with installation of the gas cooler.
Selection and design of high-performance filters and draught equipment.
2. Gas-cleaning plant for Secondary Metallurgy units – ladle furnace.
3. Gas-cleaning plants for hot metal desulfurization unitsа.
4. Gas-cleaning facilities for charge preparation departments and combination of separate gas-cleaning plants to centralized gas-cleaning systems if needed.
5. Gas-cleaning systems for rotating lime burning shaft kilns with application of fabric filters.
6. Gas-cleaning systems for cement mills and other grinding equipment.
7. Gas-cleaning systems for sinter machines.
8. Upgrading of outdated gas-cleaning plants, including those with re-use of casings of  modernized gas-cleaning devices that makes possible to considerably reduce capital expenditure  for construction.
9. Creating systems of containment, discharge, cooling and cleaning of process and fugitive emissions for all production branches.