The company designs power lines, substations – including Secondary Distribution Switchgears, protection and control, communication and telemetry control systems, automated power supply monitoring and control system, process control automation SCADA, electric power quality control.
Design is carried out in the following volume:
Development of primary schematic circuit diagrams
Development of design layout and configuration documentation for electrical equipment,  earthing and lightning protection, cable structures arrangement, lighting,  station and network facilities cabling
Development of basic circuits and complete relaying and automation schemes, set point calculation for Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment,  development of terminal configuration schemes for Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment, assembly diagrams of  station and network facilities
Common communication, security and fire alarm system; Technical Security Equipment Set KITSO
Automatic Process Control System
Control and automation functional flow diagrams
Cable diagrams for instrumentation
Arrangement plans of automation equipment
Equipment control diagrams
Assignment development to the customer for short delivery panels
External connections to the panels

Sanitary engineering part

Heating, ventilation and heating and cooling of buildings and structures
External supply lines, piping and sewage
Internal water and sewage lines for all buildings and structures
Tap water treatment plants
Wastewater and rainwater treatment facilities

Civil part

Design engineering of the civil part of the energy facilities, incl. those in the seismic areas
Reinforced concrete structures of buildings and facilities
Steel structures of buildings and facilities
Engineering structures
Architectural part and general layout
Design engineering of the architectural part of the energy facilities
General layout and transport
Cost estimate documentation
Construction management plans