1. Shops and departments of refractory production.
2. Refractory waste processing plants.
3. Shops and departments of scrap handling.
4. Flux and ferro-alloy departments.
5. Shops and departments of fluid and dump slag handling with scrap and metal extraction.
6. Departments of metallurgical wastes preparation and recycling.
7. Shops and departments of limestone burning.
8. Shops of air slaked lime and lime milk production.
9. Slag ladle spraying unit.
10. Central factory laboratories.
11. Storage facilities.
12. Installation of railweight units platform truck scales.
13. Parking houses with lift-truck battery rooms.
14. Pneumatic transport for bulk materials and metallurgical dust.
15. Pneumatic dust cleaning facilities in metallurgical shops.
16. Samples pneumatic transport.
17. Intra-shop material conveying.
18. Intra-shop process utility lines and oil pipes.

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