Design engieering of cooling systems and energy facilities

Проектирование систем охлаждения и объектов энергетического комплекса

  1. Design of blast furnace cooling systems and hot blast stove valves elements:
  • process water cooling;
  • evaporative cooling with natural and forced circulation;
  • closed demineralized water cooling  systems with installation of water-water or water-air heat exchangers.
  1. Design of non-standard cooling system equipment  for cooling metallurgical units:
  • BF cooling plates, including copper staves;
  • drum separators etc..
  1. Design of BF utility lines and bell-less tops.
  1. DE engineering of blast furnace cooling systems fbased on BE of foreign companies.
  1. Design engineering of water supply and sewage systems.
  1. Design engineering of filter and pumping stations.
  1. Design engineering of compressor stations, air drying and air separation plants (ASP).
  1. Laying oxygen and natural gas lines (gas-distributing plants, gas cabinets), compressed air and nitrogen.
  1. Design engineerig of  systems for increasing parameters of low-grade steam produced by evaporative cooling systems of metallurgical units with the use of mechanical steam compression technology, vapor recovery of evaporative cooling systems.
  1. Carrying out surveys to determine the actual condition of the facility to be reconstructed.

Construction supervision.